Jamplay review: A guitar Learner’s unbiased review of Jamplay

Jamplay Review

Like they say, a guitar is a musician’s best friend. Therefore, you can imagine how I was overwhelmed with joy when I first purchased my guitar. I was literally over myself with joy. This surely was my first step towards a potentially rewarding music career. However, my excitement soon turned to sorrow when I realized that I could not teach myself how to play guitar by myself. Naturally, I had to look for a tutorial program that would teach me how to play my newly acquired guitar. I went to the internet in search of a good program that would guide me on how to use my new acquisition. I tried several programs but success wasn’t forthcoming. One day, I stumbled upon Jamplay. From just the look of their website, I knew this was quite something.

About Jam Play

This is an internet-based learning tool packed with lots of content for any aspiring guitar player. It is taught in a series of steps, and you only move to the next after mastering the current step. This makes it less overwhelming compared to other programs I know of. And the fact it is available online has several benefits. It meant that I was able to access the program at anytime and from anywhere irrespective of where I was. There was totally no need for me to carry a DVD or a CD. Another thing is that it did not require me to keep track things such as Facebook. After using Jam Play for 6 months, I can tell you that it is not only effective but far less expensive compared to other programs I tried.


How jam play helped me learn guitar online

Basically, the program is divided into 3 phases. These phases deal with actual lessons where you are taught by qualified instructors. Since it is the bulk of the program, it is important that the lessons are of highest possible quality. The following are the steps of how to learn guitar online with Jamplay.

Phase 1

All new entrants begin at phase 1. There are 15 instructors from which you can choose. Although, expectedly, they will have different methods and approaches to teaching, all of them have one goal: to take a beginner from his or her rawest stage and increase their skill so that they are fit for the next level. With these instructors, there is no need to feel embarrassed no matter how many times you screw up. Another thing is that you are free to repeat the lesson or even a part of it as much as you like until you understand it properly. These instructors have different specialties. Some are good in acoustics, others electric and yet others are best when teaching kids.

Phase 2 – Skills and Genres

After successfully coming through Phase one, the next stage is Phase 2. This opens countless doors for you to learn as well as have a perfect mastery of the game. The section tends to be more focused on particular styles such as Metal, Bluegrass, Blues, Celtic, Fingerstyle, Rock, Country, Jazz, Classical, R&B, Folk, Funk and Flamenco. As you would expect, each of these section has its own instructors to help you with a specific style.

It is also at this section that you will be taught Skill Building’. This includes lessons to sharpen your speed, teach you to sing while playing, ear training, song writing and many more other skills.

Phase 3 – Songs

Phase 3 is what the whole thing is all about. Most of the time, I am tempted to just go straight to this area and pick a song or two. The good thing is that everything is labeled based on difficulty so you do not pick a task that is too hard for you. The one thing disadvantage about this stage is that it has too many songs that I sometimes fail to recognize. However, there is still a lot that you can do, given that their library is always expanding.

Artist Series

This is a most interesting section because it allows instructors to teach any kind of style that they are passionate with while adding in their own personal twists. Another section called “In The Style Of” lets you learn a few things from guitar maestros like Santana, Jimi Hendrix and Tom Morellow.

Live Sessions

One important thing that I cannot fail to mention about jam play review is their live session. This involves putting live people on webcam so that learners can interact with them and ask them whatever questions they have. It is also possible for you to show them what you can do at your practice time. The live people can then give you some ideas on the areas that you need to improve on.

Jamplay Review: Features of Jam Play

o Video quality

This is where Jam Play puts the likes of YouTube and other programs to shame. The quality of video is up there in the roof. This helped me a lot when I was learning the chords. I needed to know exactly the strings that the instructor’s fingers were placed on. Because the videos have been professionally edited, I was able to see clearly the shots of fingering and strumming.

o Supplemental content

Lessons also have things such as images of chords that you require in a particular lesson, instructor’s notes and tablature among other things.

o Progress bar

This is a slider that is manually controlled and is totally up to you. It is a way to remind you about the progress that you are making with every lesson.

Things I really liked about Jam play

• Lots (thousands) of video guitar lessons offered online
• Excellent search function that lets you easily navigate through the thousands of lessons
• You get to train for every level, from a newbie to more advanced stages
• Quite affordable fees that help you save a lot of money that you would have paid personal guitar teachers.


o Some instructors may not be as good as their other compatriots. Always ensure that you look for instructors with whom you are most comfortable.

o It is impossible to save tutorials on your computer.


To be honest, I think that Jam Play is a great program and one that is totally worth the money. Although it may not be the cheapest program, when you compare it to hiring personal guitar instructor, you realize that it is indeed way cheaper. Also, the experience that these instructors have dwarfs what your personal instructor could be having. If you are really serious about learning guitar online, then Jam Play is among the best resources I would recommend for you. I hope my review of jamplay helped you decide on what way to tackle the arduous task of learning guitar.

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